Barcode Readers

Keyence offers 1D and 2D barcode scanners for product traceability and management. Code reader solutions include dedicated control and communication devices for any manufacturing industry and application.

Benefits of KEYENCE barcode readers:

  • Industry-leading performance
  • Traceability solutions for every industry
  • Simple and intuitive setup
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Types of code readers in our range:


Challenges with conventional handheld code readers, such as difficult setup and slow, unstable operation are overcome with Keyence’s innovative design and decoding engine. The automatic setup ensures challenging direct part marked codes are easily and reliably read.

Fixed Mount

With just the push of a button, Keyence code readers automatically find the optimal focus, lighting and decoding parameters to ensure stable operation on even the most difficult codes. Easily reads codes at high speeds, over long ranges and varying heights without requiring adjustment.

Mobile Computer

Streamline and error-proof data collection processes. With a variety of advanced communication options and a Windows operating system, mobilizing your inventory or traceability management system has never been easier.


Barcode Readers

Keyence offers a wide range of digital barcode readers for ultimate speed and resolution. Digital processing guarantees stable decoding of barcodes with incredibly small margins. This allows codes to be printed smaller without the worry of noise affecting the reader. Keyence’s barcode readers offer various functions to yield the most accurate, automated results; some of which include Auto-Trigger Mode, Preset/Comparison Function, Barcode Position Detection Function, and the Synthesised Barcode Reading Function. Keyence products are subject to strict release policies that govern distribution in South Africa. Contact us to enquire about our available solutions.