Laser Sensors

Laser sensors are used to detect presence based on position or light intensity. Benefits include long range, a visible beam spot and precise detection. Users can achieve long-range presence detection through a visible, focused laser beam spot. Using a laser enables longer distance detection for difficult applications, without compromising on a focused, visible beam spot.

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More Information

Detection is often difficult with reflective sensors for a variety of reasons, including target colour, material, surface finish, and environment. In order to solve these issues, the stability of a CMOS laser has been combined with the versatility of a self-contained sensor in a heavy duty metal body to create a more stable and user friendly general purpose sensor.

Specific sensors in this range include:

  • LR-Z Series Self-contained CMOS Laser Sensor
  • LV-N Series Digital Laser Sensor
  • LV-S Series Ultra-Compact Digital Laser Optic Sensors
  • LV-H Series Ultra-Compact Digital Laser Optic Sensors
  • IA Series CMOS Analogue Laser Sensor
  • IB Series Thrubeam Type Laser Detection Sensor
  • GV Series Digital CMOS Laser Sensor