Mini-SMP Connector

Rosenberger offers standard SMP connectors for multifunctional board-to-board connections, as well as mini-SMP connector range. This is currently the smallest connector design available through Rosenberger with extremely small dimensions. It covers a frequency range of up to 65 GHz and offers a minimum board-to-board distance of 7.95 mm.

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Features of this product:

  • Automatic and cost-effective assembly
  • Misalignments possible; accommodates bullets in different lengths
  • Ideally suited for high-speed interconnect applications that require, for example, 40 Gbit/s.


Connectors and Adaptors


Rosenberger is one of the leading manufacturers of high-frequency coaxial connectors in the world. Their products are instrumental in industries that require highly technical solutions, such as telecommunications, automotive electronics, test and measurement applications, medical electronics, and data systems. Rosenberger product ranges include RF coaxial connectors, RF automotive connectors, testing and measurement solutions, high-speed data systems, fiber optics, cables, and cable assemblies, RF-cable connections for mobile radio stations. Specialised products for the following industries and applications:
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Automotive
  • Communication
  • Custom Machining
  • Medical & Industries
  • Optical Solutions & Infrastructure
  • Telematics
  • Test & Measurement
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