Model 700 Power Drive

The Ridgid® Model 700 is a heavy-duty, hand-held power drive designed to provide power for threading pipe and conduit. Forward & Reverse rotation can be selected with a switch. This power drive is designed to use Ridgid 12-R Die Heads (6 – 50 mm pipe). Other RIDGID die heads such as the OO-R and 11-R can be used with adapters. When threading 1″ or larger pipe, a support device, such as the No. 775 Support Arm or a Ridgid 14″ heavy duty pipe wrench is required to resist the threading forces.


Capacity:               (6 – 50 mm) & (8 – 25 mm) Bolt (using 00-RB Die Heads)

Weight & Body:   11 kg Power Drive with Cast Aluminum body

Length:                   71.7 cm

Gear Head:           Spur gear reduction face gear drive. Spring-loaded adapter pawls. Hardened steel spindle gear

Die Heads:           12-R. Other Die Heads with adaptors: 00-R, 00-RB, 11-R

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