ORBIPURGE forming set

The Orbipurge-Purge Kit ID enables fast and efficient internal forming of tubes and molded-part-welds with a low gas consumption. It is particularly suitable for demanding, high-purity requirements on the forming gas atmosphere and complements our ORBmax residual oxygen meter as a complete solution.

Our forming set includes all accessories for fast and efficient internal forming, such as 2 forming plugs in each size, a Teflon gas hose, and a set of rapid-action couplings.

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More Information

More features:

  • Suitable for all common materials
  • The various stoppers match the internal diameter of the tube exactly and therefore form a continuous sealing
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Sinter metal gas diffuser
  • High temperature and UV resistant
  • Can be retracted in pipes and bends


Accessories for Orbital Welding