Static Shielding Bags

Altico offers static shielding bags that are designed for ESD safe packaging of PCBs and ICs. They protect their contents against ESD and electrostatic fields. ESD bags are ideal for small electronic components, such as PCBs.

ESD bags can be categorized into anti-static (low charge), conductive, and shielded material. The resistivity standards governing your industry and application will determine the type of material to be used. Most bags consist of a polyethylene and polyester layer with a black, pink or metallized tint for identification.

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ESD bags come in the following ranges:

  • Anti-Static: made from polyethylene low charge material. Usually comes in a clear, pink-tinted color. Ideal for non-sensitive ESD items. Available in 500 x 110mm OR 500 x 200mm rolls
  • Conductive: packaging made from polyethylene and carbon. Ideal for ESD-sensitive objects. Usually black-tinted
  • Shielding: for highly-sensitive components that are especially vulnerable to ESD. Comes in vacuum-deposited aluminum with layers of polyester and polyethylene film. Appearance is metalized semi-transparent.

ESD packets, boxes and containers safeguard objects from ESD in 3 key ways:

  1.  By preventing direct ESD impact on the item contained within
  2.  By dissipating static charge from the package surface
  3.  By providing a robust exterior for protection against physical impact, dust and humidity

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