The Relays department

Bernier Relays supplies specific electromechanical products suitable for civil and military applications and the command of Electrical/Power systems. The large contact gap and a double break enable H-relays to commutate high voltages. The silicone-coated steatite insulators ensure excellent insulation.

The H20 relay: has a large contact gap and ground dielectric, in conformity with the VDE standard (Insulation distance ≥ 70mm).These relays can be submerged in oil.

PC16 relays: they are weldable on printed circuit, dust proof protected, used in telecontrol, metering circuit, auxiliary automation control.

MTD relays: Despite its compactness, this relay has a strong breaking capacity and is used for energy, safety power, commutation.

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Product Features:

  • Industrial applications
  • Command reliability
  • High security level
  • Durability


  • CENT approved (List LNZ 44.04)

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