The FLUXUS® F808 is the single channel clamp-on flowmeter for hazardous environments – IECEX / ATEX Zone 1 approved. From wellhead to refinery, the flows of crude oil and refined products need to be measured at every interval. Harsh environments with corrosive atmospheres offshore or hot and dirty applications during crude oil refining require rugged, durable solutions. During chemical processing, media such as acids, caustics or highly viscous organic substances place enormous material and mechanical stress upon wetted flow measurement technologies.

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More Information

The FLUXUS® F808 features a flameproof housing and stainless steel transducers, which make it suitable for every industrial application.

Benefits of the FLUXUS® F808:

  • Precise and reliable bidirectional flow measurement over a wide turndown ratio
  • Cost efficient: no pipe works and no process shut-downs
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Matched, paired and wet flow calibrated
  • Highly zero point stable and drift free
  • Measures independent of pipe size, material (even entrained solids and gases), pressurization and the medium
  • Flexible configurable outputs