The FLUXUS® G809 is FLEXIM’s dual-channel, ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter for measurement of gases in hazardous areas ( ATEX, IECEx Zone 1 and FM Class I, Div. 1 / 2 approved).

With its flameproof housing and  corrosion-resistant transducers, the FLUXUS® G809 series is perfectly suited for every demanding industrial application.

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More Information

The FLUXUS® G809 gas flow meter allows for an inherently bi-directional gas flow measurement of operational and standard volume flows. This flowmeter can be applied at inner pipe diameters ranging from 6 mm up to 2100 mm (with no limitations on pipe wall thickness or material) and media temperatures from -40°C up to 100°C.

Benefits of FLUXUS® G809:

  • Measurement is unaffected by gas density, viscosity and composition, temperature and pressure. Even wet gas Liquid Volume Fractions of 5% can be measured.
  • Bi-directional flow measurement of liquids and gases in FM Class I, Div. 1 and ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 areas.
  • No pipe works, process shut-downs required for installation.
  • Virtually maintenance-free.
  • Matched, paired and wet-calibrated flow transducers (traceable certification to national standards)
  • Excellent zero-point stability and drift-free
  • Wide turndown ratio
  • Accurate measurement, independent of pipe size, material, operating pressure and gas composition.
  • High tolerance to entrained solids and gas wetness


Permanent Flowmeters for Gases

FLUXUS® permanent, clamp-on ultrasonic systems allow for the flow measurement of almost all liquid and gaseous media – even those with increased inputs of solids and gas (<10%) or even wet gas (LVF <5%). FLUXUS® reliably measures on very small tubes (e.g. DN 6 tubes in paint finishing systems) and very large pipes (e.g. DN 6500 downpipes in hydropower plants). The practical advantages include:
  • No wear and tear by the medium flowing inside the pipe
  • No risk of liquid leakage or fugitive gas emissions
  • No pressure loss
  • Unlimited plant availability