FLUXUS® G601 CA Energy

The FLUXUS® G601 CA Energy is the ideal tool for portable flow measurement of compressed air and thermal energy. This product is widely used within energy efficiency tasks and facilities management. It accurately measures thermal energy quantities and determines the flow rate of any kind of liquid or gaseous media.

It measures at gas / compressed air filled pipes with an inner diameter of DN6 up to DN2100 and from 3 bar pressurisation upwards (for plastic pipes measurements can be undertaken at atmospheric pressure and below)

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More Information

The FLUXUS® G601 CA Energy is designed to:

  • Survey complete compressed air infrastructures
  • Quantify thermal energy streams at heating or cooling plants
  • Balance the facilities, measuring on nearly every individual leg
  • Determine the efficiency of compressors
  • Quantify and localise leakages

Benefits of the FLUXUS® G601 CA Energy:

  • Non-invasive measurement for precise bi-directional, highly dynamic compressed air, gas, liquid and thermal energy flow rates.
  • Highly mobile and flexible.
  • Highly accurate and reliable.
  • Algorithms such as the correction of pipe wall echoes and transducer positioning errors ensure reliable and accurate measurement even in the most demanding application conditions.
  • Li-Ion battery providing up to 14 hours of measurement operation.
  • Proven clamp-on technology, transducers resistant to dust and humidity.


Compressed Air Flowmeters

Measuring compressed air flows precisely in all conditions is the key to improving the energy efficiency of compressed air systems while reducing costs. Clamp-on technology means measurement takes place outside of the pipe wall,  which makes the FLUXUS CA range highly robust. This measurement principle reduces risk of compressed air contamination, and neither can the system cause potentials leaks. FLUXUS CA measures reliably at metal pipes down to 3bar (plastic pipes without limitation), is extremely sensitive to low flows down to 0,01 m/s and can be applied at pipes sizes from DN15 to DN250 FLUXUS CA permanent or portable meters are ideally suited for the following applications:
  • Conducting energy audits
  • Metering the consumption of compressed air
  • Checking existing meters
  • Detecting potential leaks
  • Balancing plant networks as well as monitoring compressor efficiency

Thermal Energy Meters

Flexim’s permanent or portable ultrasonic Thermal Energy meters allow for an easy determination of the thermal energy flow within a building. FLUXUS Thermal Energy meters accurately measure temperature measurements at the inlet and outlet of a system from outside of the pipe wall, being virtually maintenance free. From heat delivery between central heating plants, to real estate end-users or heat transfer flows in industrial processes, controlling and balancing the flow of energy is crucial for energy and cost savings.