FLUXUS® G608 CA Energy

The FLUXUS® G608 CA Energy is the ideal solution for portable measurement of compressed air and thermal energy metering in hazardous areas. This product is the ideal measuring device for complete energy efficiency tasks (e.g. according to DIN ISO 50001) within hazardous areas.

It accurately measures gas / compressed air-filled pipes with an inner diameter of DN6 up to DN2100 and from 3-bar pressurisation upwards (for plastic pipes measurements can be undertaken at atmospheric pressure and below). The G608 CA Energy flowmeter is highly mobile and flexible, which means it can be used nearly anywhere.

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More Information

The FLUXUS® G608 CA Energy not only offers the flow measurement of compressed air, but also the quantification of thermal energy streams at heating or cooling plants.

Benefits of the FLUXUS® G608 CA Energy:

  • Non-invasive measurement for precise, bi-directional, highly dynamic compressed air, gas, liquid and thermal energy flow rates.
  • Portable, easy-to-use flow transmitters.
  • Automatic loading of calibration data and transducer detection, reducing set-up times.
  • Li-Ion battery providing up to 14 hours of measurement operation.
  • Proven clamp-on technology, transducers resistant to dust and humidity.
  • Highly accurate and reliable.