RPG 8.6

With high-precision, the user is able to prepare tubes with the RPG 8.6 up to 219.1 mm (8.6″) tube outer diameters quickly, burr-free and absolutely square. The RPG 8.6 is equipped with a high-quality, powerful drive with 230 Volt and/ or 120 Volt.

Features of our RPG electric range:

  • Rotating/removable drive
  • Built-in electronic speed regulation
  • Restart protection
  • RPM regulator
  • Sturdy marathon motor
  • Overload protection
  • Shut-off carbon brushes
  • Carbon wear indicator

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More Information

Orbitalum has developed the squaring tube machines RPG 4.5, RPG 4.5 S and RPG 8.6 for demanding, quality preparation of pipe-ends for orbital welding. Orbitalum’s electric facing and centering machines are designed for burr-free squaring of thin-walled stainless steel tubes of up to OD 1114.3 mm (4.5″) or OD 219.1 mm (8.6″).This range offers users a clean and secure working area with a clear view of the cutting head.

Tube OD [mm] 12.7 – 114.3 12.7 – 114.3 50.8 – 219.1
[inch] 0.5 – 4.5 0.5 – 4.5 2 – 8.6
Wall thickness [mm] 3.0 3.0 3.6
[inch] 0.118 0.118 0.142
Tube materials High-alloy steels. unalloyed and low-alloy steels and aluminum. Others on request.


Pipe Facing Machines

Orbitalum pipe facing machines Prepare steel and aluminum pipe-ends swiftly and with high-quality precision with Orbitalum’s RPG-series of pipe-end facing machines. This series is meant for businesses that manufacture and install piping for high-purity gas, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and beverages, solar and chemical industries that require robust, burr-free pipe-ends. Orbitalum tube squaring machines can level protruding pipes on a surface and produce square beveled pipe-ends, ideal for precise and robust welding. Our RPG-series is modeled after our quick tool change system (QTC®) for economical clamping and on-site flexibility. A special adaptor clamping shell allows preparation of thin-walled stainless steel tubes (V4A) and micro-fittings too. Our multifunctional tool bits have two cutting edges with a protective coating to guard against wear and tear. The RPG-series comprises electric and cordless tube facing tools to support a wide variety of applications. All RPG pipe facing machines come with micrometer feeds for precise tube squaring.