FLUXUS G601 ST Portable Steam Flowmeter

FLUXUS G601 ST is the world’s first fully-functional and certified portable ultrasonic steam flowmeter. This product is a multifunctional measuring tool that measures not only steam, but also liquid flow, gas, compressed air and thermal energy in heating or cooling applications.

The FLUXUS G601 ST is the flowmeter of choice for all energy management and maintenance applications. This product offers 100% process availability and installation can be done within only two hours, with no downtime or pipe incision.

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  • The ideal measuring device for complete energy efficiency tasks (e.g. according to ISO 50001)
  • Non-invasive measurement through clamp-on technology
  • Ideal for precise bidirectional, highly dynamic compressed air, gas, liquid and thermal energy flow rates
  • Portable, easy-to-use flow transmitter with 2 flow channels, multiple inputs/outputs and an integrated data logger with a serial interface
  • Li-Ion battery providing up to 25 hours of the autonomous measurement operation
  • Transducers resistant to dust and humidity
  • Maintenance-free


Steam Flowmeters

Flexim is proud to be the first company in the world to successfully manufacture a robust, user-friendly, and industry-certified steam flowmeter. Introducing the FLUXUS ST-range of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters for steam. FLUXUS ST measures volume and mass flow of saturated and superheated steam at temperatures up to 180 °C. The installation is swift and easy, requiring under 2 hours of setup with no pipework and no downtime.